Feline Boarding

Feline Boarding Admission Form

    If someone else is picking up your pet

    *We will not release your pet to anyone without authorization.
    Please inform them we may want to see ID.

    Please note: All medications need to be brought in their original packaging or
    prescription bottle. We will not accept medications that are not labeled properly.

    Directions for feeding:

    Unless food is provided, all cats are fed Science Diet Adult dry kibble according to their weight. Please keep in mind that your pet’s eating habits may differ while boarding due to decreased activity, stress, etc.


    For your pet’s protection, we require the following current vaccinations for
    boarding at our facility: Feline Distemper(yearly)($29), Rabies(yearly)($33),
    and a negative fecal parasite exam($24) within the past 6 months. For
    maximum effectiveness, vaccines should be administered at least 7 days
    prior to boarding. If your pet has not been vaccinated by us, you are
    responsible for providing documentation from a licensed veterinarian of
    your pet’s vaccinations. If you cannot provide this documentation, we will
    vaccinate your pet.

    Any other problem

    Please list any problems or concerns you would like checked by a doctor
    while your pet is here($65.00 exam fee applies):

    Blankets and towels

    We NO longer accept personal blankets/towels. We will provide your pet
    with blankets or towels upon request, however, if your pet chews/ingests
    them we will remove them and will not be held responsible for any medical
    issues that could arise.

    We also cannot leave toys in pet’s kennels in case of possible ingestion.

    We also offer grooming services by pre-scheduled appointments and upon
    availability. If your pet is scheduled for grooming, please leave detailed
    instructions for the groomer here:

    Charges for boarding begin the day of arrival and will include the day your
    pet is picked up, unless you pick up before 10:00am.

    Pets can only be picked up during regular business hours:
    Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm; Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm

    All pets will be inspected for external parasites (fleas,ticks, etc.) and will be
    treated if necessary at the owners’ expense.

    If the pet is found to be aggressive and dangerous to the staff, other animals
    or itself, additional charges may accrue if special arrangements have to be
    made to handle the situation.

    All reasonable precautions will be used to prevent injury and escape of your
    pet. Summit Chase Animal Hospital is not responsible for the actions of the
    pet that may cause injury and escape.

    OWNER RELEASE: I understand Summit Chase Animal Hospital CANNOT
    guarantee the health of my pet. I understand and will not hold Summit Chase
    Animal Hospital responsible for conditions that are unavoidable in boarding
    kennels, such as but not limited to weight loss, hair loss, upper respiratory
    infections, bronchitis, and diarrhea. I understand that in the event of my
    pet’s illness, the staff will immediately attempt to contact me or my agent to
    discuss the problem and treatment options. If they are not able to contact
    me immediately they are authorized to initiate appropriate treatment in a
    life-threatening situation until me or my agent can be reached.

    I understand that I am financially responsible for any medical treatment
    performed on my pet while at Summit Chase Animal Hospital.